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福建师范大学2020年2月课程考试《大学英语(1) 》作业考核试题【答案】

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一、阅读:20%  (每小题2分)
















































































四.英译汉:30% (答题请不要超出边框)

Drinking habits vary widely among Americans.

Some families never serve any drinks, others have them before dinner, or perhaps after dinner.

You are more likely to be offered a cocktail before dinner than wine with the meal.

If you do not get used to American cocktails, you can ask for something else.

Moreover, drinks may be poured over ice.






























一、阅读:20% (答案必须填在答卷表格里,否则不得分)

( 1 )

For years people have been saying that the railways are dead. We all keep hearing that trains are slow, that they lose money, that they’re dying. But this is far from the true. In these days of expensive oil, the railways have become highly competitive with motorcars and planes. If you want to carry people or goods from place to place, they’re cheaper than planes. And they have much in common with planes. A plane goes in a straight line and so does a railway. What is more, a railway takes you from the heart of a city center. It doesn’t hold you up as a car does, in endless traffic jams. And a single train can carry goods which no plane or motorcar could ever do.

Far from being dead, the railways are very much alive. Modern railway lines give you a smooth, untroubled journey. Where else can you eat well, sleep in comfort, feel safe and enjoy the scene while you are traveling at speed at the same time? And we are only at the beginning. For we have just entered the age of super-fast trains, trains traveling at 150 miles an hour and more. Soon we will be wondering why we spent so much on motorways we can’t use because we have not enough money to buy the oil and planes we can’t fly in for the same reason.

1. Some people think the railways are dead for many reasons EXCEPT that ____.

  A. planes and motorcars have taken the place of trains

  B. oil is expensive today

  C. trains are slow

  D. railways lose money

2. The writers idea seems to be that ______.

  A. we can do without railways    

B. trains have much in common with motorcars and planes

C. motorcars and planes are not as good as trains

D. trains are as good as motorcars and planes

3. According to the writer, which of the following is NOT the advantage of railways?

  A. It is cheaper to travel by train than by plane.

  B. Super-fast trains travel even faster than planes.

  C. The railway station is usually at the center of a city.

  D. A train carries more goods than a motorcar or plane does.

4. The writer thinks that the railways, far from being dead, are very much alive because ___________.

  A. we can have a smooth and untroubled journey

  B. we’ll not have enough money to fly everywhere

  C. we can now travel in super-fast trains

  D. all of the above

5. The best title for this passage may be ________.

  A. The Best Choice: Train, Motorcar or Plane

  B. The Dying Railways

  C. Super-fast Trains in the Future

  D. Not the End, But the Beginning


 ( 2 )

The world’s population continues to grow. There now are about 4 billion of us on earth. That could reach 6 billion by the end of the century and 11 billion in a further 75 years. Experts have long been concerned about such a growth. Where will we find the food, water, jobs, houses, school and health care for all these people?

A major new study shows that the situation may be changing. A large and rapid drop in the world’s birth rate has taken place during the past 10 years. Families generally are smaller now than they were a few years ago. It is happening in both developing and industrial nations.

Researchers said they found a number of reasons for this. More men and women are waiting longer to get married and are using birth control devices and methods to prevent or delay pregnancy. More women are going to school or working at jobs away from home instead of having children. And more governments, especially in developing nations, now support family planning programs to reduce population grow.

China is one of the nations that have made great progress in reducing its population growth. China has already cut its rate of population growth by about half since 1970.

Each Chinese family is now urged to have no more than one child. And the hope is to reach a zero population growth with the total number of births equaling the total number of deaths by the year 2000.

Several nations in Europe already have fewer births than deaths. Experts said that these nations could face a serious shortage of workers in the future. And the persons who are working could face much higher taxes to help support the growing number of retired people.

6. The world’s population could reach ____________.

A. 6 billion in 75 years

B. 11 billion in 2075

C. 11 billion by the end of this century

D. 600 million in 15 years

7. Which of the following is true?

A. The world’s birth rate is higher than ten years ago.

B. There has been a slower population growth in the past ten years.

C. Families are as large as before.

D. Birth control has been well practiced in all nations.

8. By the year 2000, the number of births and the number of deaths in China will _______.

A. be greatly different

B. drop a great deal

C. be equal

D. become much larger

9. According to the essay, China’s population control ________.

A. is not quite successful

B. should be considered a big success

C. is far from being successful

D. is a complete failure

10. It may happen in the future that the people who are working in Europe will have to pay much higher taxes because___________.

A. more and more children will be born

B. the number of retired people will become ever larger

C. fewer and fewer children will be born

D. they will be making a lot of money


二、交际用语(此部分共有5个未完成的对话,针对每个对话中未完成的部分有4个选项,请从ABCD四个选项中,选出一个最佳选项。) 20%  (答案必须填在答卷表格里,否则不得分)

1. — Mom, I’m very sorry for having broken the plate.

— Oh, boy, ____________

A. it doesn’t matter.                 B. no problem.                

C. that’s right.                    D. thank you.

2. — Do you think living in the countryside has more advantages?

— ____________

A. Yes, perfectly.               B. Well, it depends.        

C. Yes, it is.                     D. Nothing at all.

3. — You’ve won the basketball game. Congratulations!


A. Oh, not really.                        B. No one else could do it.

C. Thank you. We’re really lucky.      D. It’s good of you to say so.

4. — Excuse me, Sir. Could you hold the suitcase for me? 


A. It’s a pleasure.               B. My pleasure.        

C. I could.                         D. With pleasure.

5. — It’s really nice of you to give me a hand in time! 


A. Thank you.                       B. No, no.                 

C. With pleasure.                D. It’s my pleasure.

6. — Are you free tonight, Jenny? How about going to the concert together?


A. I don’t think so.                     B. Never mind.                

C. Take it easy.                    

D. I’d like to, but I have to drive my mother home tonight.

7. — What is your major, Jack?


A. I study very hard.                          B. I’m learning course.

C. I major English.                             D. I’m majoring in computer science.

8. — Which one do you prefer, the window seat or the aisle seat?


A. I prefer a window seat.                        B. I like neither.

C. Both will do.                                        D. I don’t know.

9. — You look tired. What’s the matter?


  1. It doesn’t matter.                   B. Oh, my head aches badly.

    C. It is not the matter.                 D. Don’t worry.

    10. — Have you ever been to the Great Wall in Beijing?


    A. Yes, I am    .                                  B. No, I don’t.

    C. No, I’ve never been there.             D. Certainly, I went there.



1. We all believe that computer ______ smaller and smaller in the coming years.

A. can be become             B. will be got  

C. will be changed             D. can turn

2. He ___________________ not to leave waste paper in public places any more.

A. warns      B. warned    C. is warned    D. was warned

3. That factory _________ nearly 50 years ago.

A. has been built         B. had built     

C. was built             D. has built

4. Don’t worry. Everything will _____________ in time.

A. be finished      B. finish   C. finished      D. be finishing

5. Her application for the position _______________ by the boss.

A. was refused          B. was refusing   

C. refused             D. is refusing

6. He__________ the Communist Party_____________2002.

A. has joined, in      B. has joined, since    

C. joined, on         D. joined, in

7. Jack_________ in the street when I_________ on him.

A. walked…called            B. was walking …was calling

C. walked …  was calling     D. was walking …called

8. “Where is Mary?”

“She__________ to school.”

A. will go     B. has been       C. has gone      D. went

9. This time last year I___________ my holiday in the countryside.

A. have                B. was having      

C. am having            D. have had

10. I’m sorry that I__________ you had been there already.

A. won’t know         B. didn’t know   

C. don’t know          D. haven’t known

11. By the end of 2020 China _____________ much stronger and richer.

A. will become          B. would become      

C. is becoming          D. will have become

12. It _______________ years since I last saw you.

A. was       B. is       C. will be            D. has been

13. I __________ my homework now.

A. finish    B. finished     C. have finished    D. had finished

14. The room _____________ often cleaned by the worker.

A. has      B. will be      C. was        D. is

15. The railway ______________ in three years.

A. is complete           B. will completed        

C. has completed         D. will be completed



Drinking habits vary widely among Americans.

Some families never serve any drinks, others have them before dinner, or perhaps after dinner.

You are more likely to be offered a cocktail before dinner than wine with the meal.

If you do not get used to American cocktails, you can ask for something else.

Moreover, drinks may be poured over ice.




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